Event :: Preached Retreat - led by Fr Ashley Evans SJ

 Preached Retreat Sunday. 9th Oct. 4. pm - Saturday. Oct 15th 9.am
Synodal Challenges.
Fr. Ashley Evans S.J
Since the launch of the Synodal Process by Pope Francis last year, many Christians had been hoping for a movement of renewal and reform. However, it could appear that these hopes are being dashed. However, this time, it is not Vatican officials who appear to be blocking dialogue but our own Bishops, Priests and Lay people. In such a conflictual scenario, how do I notice God’s presence and respond to God’s invitation to participate in this movement of renewal? Whose voices should I listen to? How can I speak to my family members, congregation, or community about renewal? What graces and gifts from the Holy Spirit do I really need now? What message do I really want to communicate?
Fr. Ashley, recently returned from nearly thirty years on the Missions in Cambodia, will guide a series of reflections on these issues to help us pray more deeply about them and so find our way forward.

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