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A Day on Forgiveness Facilitated by Fr Des Corrigan

15/05/17 - 20/05/17

Silent Retreat : Fr Denis McBride CSsR - Reflecting on the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus

26/05/17 - 02/06/17

6 Day Directed Retreat : Fr Frank Downes, OP and Sr Nora McCarthy, PBVM

26/05/17 - 30/05/17

4 Day Directed Retreat : Fr Frank Downes, OP and Sr Nora McCarthy, PBVM

26/05/17 - 02/06/17

Silent Retreat : Fr Brendan Comerford, S.J. - Inspired and Challenged by Poets, Pastors, Mystics, Martyrs


The joys and challenges in marriage and family life to-day - Dr Tony Hanna.

16/07/17 - 21/07/17

Summer Camp

23/07/17 - 28/07/17

Summer Camp

30/07/17 - 04/08/17

Summer Camp

06/08/17 - 11/08/17

Girls Summer Camp - Week 2

13/08/17 - 18/08/17

Summer Camp

01/09/17 - 08/09/17

6 Day Directed Retreat : Noel Bradley and Fr Des Corrigan, SMA

01/09/17 - 05/09/17

4 Day Directed Retreat : Noel Bradley and Fr Des Corrigan, SMA

01/09/17 - 08/09/17

Silent Retreat: Fr John Fuellenbach, SVD - Reflecting on Jesus' image of God and His Dream for us and for His Kingdom

01/10/17 - 08/10/17

Silent Retreat : Fr Ciaran O'Callaghan, CSsR - "Remember, I am with you always to the end of the age" (Matthew 28:30)

01/10/17 - 08/10/17

6 Day Directed Retreat : Fr Dermot Mansfield, S.J. and Sr Elizabeth Dunne, SMR


Art Journalling Day - 'The Gold of our experiences' Facilitated by Sr Oonagh Campbell, RSM

23/10/17 - 29/10/17

Foyer of Charity Silent Retreat: "If you but knew the gift of God"


Bereavement Retreat Day : Sr Fiona Galligan, RSM and Rev Graham Stockdale

08/12/17 - 10/12/17

Advent Retreat : The Three Comings of the Lord - Frances Hogan

Society Of African Missions (SMA)

The Society of African Missions is an international community of Catholic missionaries who serve the people of Africa and people of African origin around the world. The initials "SMA" stand for the name in Latin; Societas Missionum ad Afros.


Bishop Melchior de Marion Bresillac

Bishop Melchior de Marion Brésillac

SMA was founded in Lyons (France) by Bishop Melchior de Marion Brésillac in 1856. The Society celebrated 150 years of missionary activity in 2006.

Bishop de Brésillac was a French missionary who had a strong desire to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to Africa - especially to "the most abandoned peoples of Africa."

He and five others went to Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1859 but all succumbed to a yellow fever epidemic. Within six weeks of their arrival in Africa de Brésillac and four of this companions died.

As he died on 25th June 1859, de Brésillac's last words were "Faith, Hope, Charity" and these became the motto of the Society.

Despite such extreme hardships and challenges in Africa the work and vision of the Founder continued and flourished over the next 150 years.





Dromantine - SMA

Fr Des Corrigan, SMA, Director of
Dromantine Rt. and Conf. Centre
with Frs Bernard Asuka SMA (Kenya)
and Basil Soyoye,SMA (Nigeria)
at the SMA Formation House,
Ibadan, Nigeria.

The SMA today has about 1000 members coming from Africa, Europe, America and Asia. They work in 51 dioceses in Africa as well as in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. In their home countries, SMA members promote the missionary dimension of the church through a variety of apostolic activities including work for African immigrants.

The international administrative headquarters of the SMA is in Rome. (See www.smaroma.org)

The Irish Province of the SMA has five Houses - two in Cork, one in Dublin, Claregalway and Dromantine in Co. Down. (See www.sma.ie)

This Province has 220 members. Its members continue missionary work in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt, Philippines, as well as in Europe, North America and Australia.